Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here's some pics from my business trip

I had a business trip to install our manufacturing system at a new client of ours down in Mobile, Al.

The trip went like everyother install. It started out looking good, and by the end, though successfully installed, was approaching cluster F@*!$ status.
Tuesday night, we left and had dinner and just went back to the hotel. Everything is just fine.

Wednesday started out so boring as we were going through the training manual, I was emailing friends asking what they where doing. But then we went todo hands on training, and a few things munged up the works and had me trying to figure out what was going on. (in the end, a bad .psd file and a problem writing to a samba share were ironed out).

Thurday, we figured we needed to be leaving them at 12:30 to catch our flight at 2:30, but that time came and past while fire fighting. We got it all straightened out and was on the road by 1:15. luckly the airport is neither far away, nor big. It has a whole seven gates.

While on the business trip I took some pics. The fog had rolled in Wednesday morning, so I got some great (I think :) shots. Here are the best I think.

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