Saturday, July 28, 2007

There's A New Rat In Town

Today we introduced our newest rat Lexie to the other female rats. It went great. A few shoving matches to determine dominance, then it was off to sleep in a big rat pile.
We got Lexie two weeks ago from an animal shelter near Lexington, MO, hence the name Lexie, while we were over visiting my parents for my moms birthday.

Normally they call these things rat rescues, but this time it really was. Do to personal problems, the shelter people needed to drop the rat off with us quickly, so we just met them in Lexington. They drove up in a pickup truck, Lexie was in a cage in the back of the truck, sun beating down on her. She had no water, nor food, and her cage was filthy with mounds of feces.

They said they were terrified of rats, so they had not gone into her cage to clean it. This rat is one of the sweetest rats we have ever had. She's not afraid of people, she's happy to see you, just sweet.
So we quickly went and bought a carrier and put her in it, gave her some water and food, for which she went through in no time.

Here Lexie is with her new cage mate Winter.