Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The New Driveway

So we'd had enough with the old drive way. The ground beneath it had settled
since the house was constructed 13 years ago, and had left a big trench. One of
the slabs had broken and was still ok to drive on until the roofing people
drove their hugh dump truck on to it and really broke it. Now I could not even
drive on it without bottoming out the nose of the car.

So, we got St. Louis Concrete to come out and replace it.

First they came in with this machine that punched holes in the drive way. It works like a guillotine.

Then a quick clean up. On to grading and filling in the trench.

Laying the gravel base. Pouring and leveling the cement. Smoothing and texturing.

Finishing of the Faux Brick trim (Which really looks great!)

The final product.

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Heather said...

I saw the new driveway today. It looks really good! I love the brickwork. And I can't believe how fast Martha said they did it all. We'll keep that company in mind if/when we do our driveway.