Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let's go ride a bike

So, Martha and I decided to go bike riding today. It had been forever since she had been on a bike, and for me, the last time was with my friend George's sister, Margaret, over eight years ago. It had been long enough that we had gotten rid of my old bike several years ago (which was ok because I'd bought it from Walmart when I was in High School twenty years ago).

So today we just rented from katy bike rental in Defiance, MO. They were really friendly, got the bikes all adjusted and pointed out the door to the Katy Trail running behind their shop.

We rode about eight miles total, which was enough to make our bums sore. The weather was great, high 70's, limited cloud cover. It was fun.

Here's some pics of a barn on the trail.

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Lea said...

You write very well.