Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A stray cat

Over the last week or two, there has been a cat that has been staring in the backdoor of the house.
IMG_4345 IMG_4343
From the first, he would not run away when we approached the door.

He's been in a fight recently, and has a wound behind his ear. It also looks like he's favoring his right front paw, so we would like to take him to the Vet to get checked out.

In the last couple of days, he's come inside the backdoor to eat his breakfast (yes, we started feeding him in the mornings, then he's off for his daily round). So, hopefully, we will be able to get him in a cat carrier and take him to the vet for his injuries and shots and stuff.

So far not too concerned about feline AIDS or leukemia, as one is transmitted by snot and the other by blood, so his food and water bowls are kept outside, away from our inside kitties.


catmum said...

Awesome that he's found some angels! He's so big and handsome, hope it all turns out well.

Anonymous said...
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