Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big Kitties

We went to Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary to see the tigers. It was one of the tigers birthday and it was the first public showing of their newest tiger, Izzy. Izzy was a photo cat (a cat that people posed with), but her previous handlers had too many other cats at the time, so they sent him here.
Izzy had not really been around trees, so he loves to attack branches of them and chew all the leaves off.
Izzy is only 7 months old, he still has needs to grow into those paws!
Izzy Izzy eating leaves Izzy Izzy

Thor is a big goofball, just loves playing around. The small kids really gets her attention. Hmmm, tasty snack?

Raja loves those lazy days. Raja Rohan Rohan catches some Zzzzz. When awake, he roars a lot.

Guess the big kitties are not that different than our our pet kitties, they all sleep all the time.

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Rachel said...

Oooh! I love the big kitties. You're right Todd, the big kitties are not so different than our smaller kitties at home. :-)