Saturday, June 9, 2007

Jim the Wonder Dog

While looking around Marshall, Missouri, I stumbled across an amazing monument to Jim the Wonder Dog.

This incredible dog lived from 1925 to 1937.

He was a purebred Llewellyn Setter (also known as an English Setter). He had a many talents including understanding commands in any language. Being able to pick out a person in a crowd with a certain characteristic (Like find the newly engaged woman). Being able to predict things, like horse race outcomes, and winners of elections.

The memorial was beautiful, with a waterfall, koi pond, gazebo, many plants, and a statue of Jim himself.

The interesting thing about the memorial, is that it was created (or dedicated) in 1999. I do not know if a previous incarnation was there before.

On a weird note, across the street from the memorial is an ice cream shop that sells.... "Wonder dogs".

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