Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I want shoes

I thought today's Aunt Perl on short sleeve shirts and deodorant was pretty funny. It does suck when others 'force' their fashion sense on you by not offering what you want to buy. Just this weekend I was desperately looking for some new casual shoes similar to the ones I normally wear. I ended up going to three places, and ultimately found two that I like. (same design, just in black and dark brown). It also sucked that the black was only available one half size too big. (better than too small). I'll buy an insert to fill them out. To my surprise they were ten bucks off at the cash register, only twenty bucks each. Wahoo!
I don't think I'm that far off the main stream fashion highway. Maybe I'm delusional.

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catmum said...

that's why when I find an article of clothing, or shoes that I like and that fit me, I buy two pair. I love Dansko Professional shoes, I have about 6 pair! The "fashion" industry sucks!